Eric Metcalf Was One of the Best Special Teams Players in NFL History

Former NFL player Eric Metcalf's impact in the league as a special teamer and all-purpose back left a lasting impression. Following in his father's footsteps, a three-time Pro Bowler, Eric showcased exceptional talent early on, scoring an astounding 10 touchdowns in a single little league game. His speed and ability to evade defenders only grew stronger as he pursued a career in football. Throughout his journey, Eric credits his high school coach for shaping him both as an athlete and as a person. This mentor provided guidance beyond sports, emphasizing the importance of personal development. Excelling at the University of Texas in both football and track, Eric's dedication and talent led him to a remarkable 13-year NFL career after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1989. Discover the inspiring story of Eric Metcalf, as he recounts his journey from a young athlete with big dreams to a respected NFL player. Gain insights from his experiences and learn about the pivotal role his high school coach played in his success. Watch the video now for an engaging and motivating look into the life of this former athlete-turned-legend.