Archie Manning Talks to SSOT About His Football Journey and Passing His Love for Football to Others

In this episode of "Journey to Greatness," we meet Archie Manning, the esteemed father of football legends Peyton and Eli Manning. Archie's incredible football journey began in Drew, Mississippi, where his love for the game was ignited by his father's introduction. Despite facing tough competition against older and stronger opponents, Archie's determination drove him to success. As an All-American at Ole Miss, he was chosen as the second overall pick by the New Orleans Saints in the 1971 NFL draft. Although the Saints didn't experience much triumph during Archie's tenure, he treasures the memories and friendships built during his impressive 11-plus seasons in New Orleans. Archie attributes his sons' remarkable achievements not to any secret formula, but to the values instilled in them as individuals. He credits his wife for her exceptional guidance in raising their children to be good people. The Manning family's passion for football extends beyond their own careers. They have been hosting the Manning Passing Academy for nearly 30 years, offering high-quality instruction and promoting the love of the game. Join us on this captivating journey as we delve into the inspiring story of Archie Manning and his lasting impact on the world of football.