EJ Vanderpuye - Ashbrook Wide Receiver - Highlights

EJ Van Der Pew, a standout wide receiver from Ashbrook High School in North Carolina, has taken the football scene by storm with his remarkable skills and game-breaking speed. Standing at an impressive six feet one inch, this talented senior made waves last season with an outstanding performance that included 44 catches for 756 yards and eight touchdowns. Two of these touchdowns sealed crucial victories, showcasing EJ's ability to make game-winning plays. With his eyes set on playing college football next year, EJ's dedication, skill, and determination make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. College scouts have already taken notice of his electrifying talent, thanks to his exceptional speed and game-changing abilities. EJ is eagerly awaiting his chance to shine on a bigger stage and is poised to continue his football journey at the next level. Fans of high school sports won't want to miss out on EJ's inspiring story. His incredible stats and ability to make game-winning plays make him truly remarkable. Stay tuned to witness the talent and potential that EJ Van Der Pew brings to the football field.