Devon Rawles - Crescent Valley Running Back - Highlights

Devon Rawls, a talented athlete from Newport, Oregon, recently completed his senior season at Crescent Valley High School where he shined as both a running back and a defensive back. Standing at five foot seven inches and weighing 175 pounds, Rawls displayed exceptional agility and speed on the field. With an impressive mixtape showcasing his explosive runs and outstanding defensive plays, Rawls has captured the attention of viewers and is now focused on playing football at the collegiate level. Whether as a running back or a defensive back, Rawls is determined to leave a lasting impact and continue his football journey at the next level. As Devon Rawls looks towards the future, his extraordinary skills on the field have made him a force to be reckoned with. His remarkable mixtape has caught the attention of viewers, displaying his explosive runs and exceptional defensive plays. Now, Rawls is seeking opportunities to continue his football journey at the collegiate level, aspiring to make a lasting impact as either a running back or a defensive back. With his determination and natural talent, Rawls is ready to showcase his skills and leave a mark at the next level of the game.