Derrick Henry - Sports Stars of Tomorrow Football Player of the Year

Derrick Henry, the remarkable high school athlete from Yulee, Florida, has left an indelible mark on the record books. Breaking multiple records in his senior year, Henry's statistics are nothing short of astonishing. With an impressive 464 carries, 4,260 yards, and 55 touchdowns, he shattered three Florida state records, surpassing former NFL running back Travis Henry's rushing total by almost 200 yards. But Henry's accomplishments go even further. He proudly claims state and national records, reaching a career rushing total of 12,121 yards, narrowly surpassing Kelvin Taylor's 12,019 yards. What makes his achievement all the more impressive is that he achieved this incredible feat in just four years, while Taylor took five years to accumulate his record-breaking yardage. In fact, Henry's record-breaking achievement even surpassed the long-standing national record set by Ken Hall that had remained untouched for 59 years. In a world where success can often breed arrogance, Derrick Henry remains humble and grateful to his team and the Yulee community. He is genuinely in awe of the records he has set and doesn't believe the magnitude of his achievements will truly sink in until his football career comes to an end. Derrick Henry's extraordinary journey is a testament to his hard work, talent, and the support he receives from his teammates and community.