College Football Preview - Alabama Crimson Tide

Looking for the rising stars of college football? Look no further! In this exciting video segment, we introduce you to two incredible players who are ready to dominate the field. First up, we have Derrick Henry, Alabama's impressive running back. After a tough season in 2013, Henry is determined to lead the Crimson Tide's offense to victory in 2014. With a national record for career rushing yards and the title of national player of the year in 2012, Henry has proven his exceptional talent. Don't miss his inspiring journey from the U.S. Army All-American game to representing his hometown. But that's not all. Meet Da'Shawn Hand, a freshman defensive end who was the highest-rated recruit in the nation last season. Standing tall at six foot four inches and weighing 250 pounds, Hand is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side. Despite his impressive accolades, Hand remains hungry for improvement and is determined to make a significant impact in college football. Tune in to learn more about his journey and how he plans to become a game-changer on the field. Don't miss out on these rising stars and their incredible stories.