Bailey Lower of Nantucket High School Has Worked Hard to Earn a Lacrosse Scholarship from Vanderbilt

Bailey Lower, the talented lacrosse player from Nantucket High School, has captured the hearts of fans and scouts alike with her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to the sport. Despite the challenges of living on Nantucket Island, Bailey's rising star status is undeniable. As a sophomore, she amazed everyone with an impressive record of 92 goals and 43 assists, earning her the prestigious League MVP honors. What sets Bailey apart is her unparalleled dedication. She navigates the unique logistics of traveling by boat to games, tournaments, and practices, often waking up at the crack of dawn or staying at a friend's house overnight just to ensure she arrives on time to put in the hard work necessary to excel. Her commitment hasn't gone unnoticed, as she has already secured a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Vanderbilt University. College scouts have been captivated by Bailey's exceptional performance on the field and her relentless work ethic. Bailey's journey serves as a powerful testament to the power of determination and hard work in achieving one's dreams.