5-Star Feature: Tyrese Maxey and Chris Harris - South Garland Basketball

Meet Tyrese Maxie and Chris Harris, the dynamic duo from South Garland High School in Texas who have taken the basketball world by storm. These high school teammates have an unbreakable bond and an on-court chemistry that is second to none. Maxie, a fearless scorer, and Harris, a deadly outside shooter, have propelled South Garland to new heights, reaching the state tournament for the first time in school history. Their commitment to their craft and dedication to each other's success is unmatched. Their hard work has paid off, with both Maxie and Harris earning opportunities to transfer to higher-profile basketball programs. However, they have remained loyal to South Garland, determined to finish what they started. Maxie has committed to play for the prestigious Kentucky Wildcats, while Harris is set to make his mark at Texas A&M. As their journey continues, we can't wait to see these unstoppable stars thrive on the college courts and beyond. Get ready to witness their incredible skills and undeniable friendship in action.