5 Star Feature: RJ Hampton - Little Elm Point Guard

Meet RJ Hampton, a talented high school basketball player from Little Elm, Texas, whose fast-paced style of play has earned him a five-star rating as a combo guard. Not only does RJ possess scoring prowess, but he also excels at getting his teammates involved, making him a valuable team player. Behind his success are two influential figures in his life – his father, Rod, and his coach, Rusty Sigler. Rod, a former basketball scholarship recipient and professional overseas player, has been instrumental in shaping RJ's skills and mindset. From a young age, Rod emphasized the importance of being a well-rounded player and encouraged RJ to develop his own unique playing style. This early guidance paved the way for RJ's success as a point guard with exceptional passing abilities. Coach Sigler has also played a crucial role in RJ's journey to success. With his expertise and guidance, Sigler has further honed RJ's skills and helped him thrive on the court. Together, these two influential figures have shaped RJ into the electrifying phenom he is today.