Woodside Linebacker Tyreece White Viewer Highlights

Introducing Tyrese White, a talented high school athlete making waves in the world of football. This senior from Woodside High School in Newport News, Virginia, is lighting up the field in both the defensive end and outside linebacker positions. With an impressive track record that includes six sacks, forty tackles, and three forced fumbles, it's no wonder Tyrese has caught the attention of college recruiters. His remarkable skills have already earned him scholarship offers from prestigious institutions such as Davidson and Washington and Lee University. But that's not all, as he has also captured the interest of various FBS and Division two programs. Tyrese's dedication and hard work on the field have truly paid off, and his journey is one you won't want to miss. Don't miss out on the inspiring story of this rising football star. Follow Tyrese as he continues to pursue his dreams of playing football at the next level.