Winner Circle Athletics Pushes Past Challenges of Pandemic to Create Football Opportunities

Winner Circle Athletics (WCA), a private club football league in Southern California, is revolutionizing high school football in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Founded by former USC and NFL player Jordan Campbell, WCA started as a training facility and has now grown into a platform for over 1,550 kids from 36 teams to play organized football and secure scholarships. Despite some criticism, Campbell believes that club football is crucial in providing opportunities for athletes during these uncertain times. One of the athletes thriving in this new approach is Seven McGee, a highly talented four-star running back committed to Oregon. Due to transfer disputes and the pandemic, McGee has been unable to play high school football for the past two years. However, thanks to WCA, McGee can once again don his pads and helmet, while receiving top-notch training. The club has already helped 40 kids secure scholarships, and it aims to create a platform for athletes like McGee to showcase their skills and get recruited. With WCA, McGee has found a supportive community that allows him to pursue his football dreams despite the challenges posed by current circumstances.