Will Shields - NFL Legend of the Game - Interview

"Will Shields: The Unbreakable NFL Guard and Champion of Change" Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the exceptional career of Will Shields, former NFL guard and one of the most reliable players in league history. Shields, known for his unwavering commitment and consistency, astounded fans and experts alike by never missing a game over his remarkable 14-season career. With 12 Pro Bowl appearances and All-Pro honors to his name, Shields' dedication and work ethic were unmatched. Beyond the gridiron, Shields attributes his success to giving his best effort in every game and practice. Growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma, he played alongside remarkable athletes such as James Trap and Kelly Stinnett, who later went on to compete in the Olympics and Major League Baseball respectively. The competitiveness of his high school team shaped Shields' path and prepared him for the challenges that lay ahead. In 1993, the Kansas City Chiefs recognized Shields' potential and drafted him in the third round. Remaining loyal to the team his entire career, Shields takes great pride in the opportunity they gave him. However, his impact extends far beyond the football field. Through his Will to Succeed Foundation, Shields has dedicated himself to supporting programs that provide assistance and empowerment to women and children affected by abuse and neglect. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Will Shields, a true champion both on and off the field.