West Virginia commit Nicco Marchiol is a Leader and Playmaker at Hamilton High School in Arizona

Meet Nico Marciel, a rising quarterback prospect from Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona. Though he may not be on the national top 200 list, Nico's talent and determination set him apart as a standout player. Originally from Colorado, Nico and his family made the move to Arizona, where he has made a name for himself in the highly competitive world of high school football. Arizona is renowned for producing exceptional quarterbacks, and Nico is proud to be a part of that tradition. With notable names like Spencer Rattler, Tyler Shuck, and Jack Miller, the state has become a hotbed for quarterback talent. Nico feels honored to carry on this legacy and dreams of leaving a lasting impact on the sport. One of the defining moments of Nico's high school career came when his team, the Hamilton Huskies, staged a remarkable comeback, overcoming a 17-point deficit with just a minute and 10 seconds left to defeat powerhouse Bishop Gorman. Nico's leadership and versatility were on full display, culminating in a thrilling victory. Watch the video to see Nico in action and witness his extraordinary skills on the field.