Von Miller, Denver Broncos Linebacker - Journey to Greatness

Discover the incredible journey of Von Miller, one of the NFL's most formidable linebackers, in this week's inspiring story of greatness. Starting as a DeSoto Eagle, Miller made his mark on football history, becoming an All-American at Texas A&M and an All-Pro with the Denver Broncos. Recently, DeSoto High retired his legendary number 40, a deeply meaningful moment for Miller. He attributes his success to the lessons learned at DeSoto, including mental toughness, work ethic, and overcoming adversity. Returning to his alma mater, Miller considers it an honor to be shaped into the football player and person he is today. Throughout his journey, Miller's support system has been instrumental. His parents, especially his devoted mother, have been unwavering in their support, never missing a game. Miller recognizes the impact of his coaches, friends, teammates, and teachers, who guided him every step of the way. Now, fans have the chance to delve into the untold story behind the NFL superstar as he reflects on his roots and the invaluable influences that led him to greatness.