Tyus Battle - St. Joseph Guard - Highlights/Interview

Ty Battle, a talented basketball player hailing from New Jersey, is quickly gaining recognition as one of the rising stars in high school sports. With aspirations of following in the footsteps of NBA greats like Kyrie Irving and Karl Towns, Battle is determined to make his mark on the basketball court. After initially committing to Michigan, the 6-foot-5-inch guard has recently decided to join Syracuse University, showcasing his drive and ambition. Battle's basketball journey began at Gill St. Bernard's in Gladstone, New Jersey, but he has since transferred to St. Joseph's in Metuchen for his senior season. This move places him in the same school that produced renowned basketball phenom Karl Towns, highlighting the program's ability to develop top-notch talent. Regardless of where Battle plays in the Garden State, he is well aware that he will face fierce competition from powerhouse schools like St. Anthony's and St. Pat's. Scouts from all over the country have taken notice of Battle's skills, ranking him among the top 30 prospects nationwide. What sets him apart is his versatility on the court, allowing him to excel in various positions and contribute significantly to his team's success. With his determination and talent, Battle is poised to make a significant impact at Syracuse University and beyond. Watch the video to witness his exceptional skills in action.