Ty Law, New England Patriots Cornerback - Journey to Greatness

In this week's 'Journey to Greatness' segment, we hear from Hall of Fame NFL player Ty Law, known for his time with the New England Patriots. However, Law's journey to greatness began in Aliquippa High School in Pennsylvania, where he believes everything he is today was bred. This small town experience taught him valuable lessons through wins, losses, pain, and struggles, preparing him for everything in life. What propelled Law to greatness was his uncle, Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett. Spending summers with Dorsett allowed Law to witness firsthand what it takes to become a Hall of Famer. Seeing someone from the same streets and upbringing achieve greatness inspired Law deeply and fueled his own aspirations. Law not only fulfilled his dreams of becoming a professional athlete like his uncle, but he also... (details on his achievements and impact in the video). Join us on this inspiring journey as Ty Law shares his story of determination and resilience.