Twin Sisters Hana and Amanda Moll are Making History in Pole Vaulting

Discover the extraordinary journey of Amanda and Hannah Maul, twin sisters from Washington who are revolutionizing the world of pole vaulting. These talented athletes have cemented their names in history as the greatest high school female vaulters ever, smashing records and dominating their sport at every turn. Their adventure began with a passion for hiking, rock climbing, and gymnastics, which eventually led them to track and field in middle school. Under the guidance of Coach Mike Strong, Amanda and Hannah discovered their true calling in pole vaulting. Instantly falling in love with the sport, they began to push their limits and gain confidence with each successful jump. To fine-tune their skills, they make regular one-hour trips to Seattle to train with the prestigious Northwest pole vault Club. What sets them apart is not only their dedication and physical prowess but also their deep understanding that pole vaulting is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Their junior year marked a groundbreaking achievement for Amanda when she shattered the United States High School record, leaping an incredible 14 feet nine and a half inches. Don't miss our exclusive video showcasing the awe-inspiring talents of these remarkable sisters as they continue to conquer new heights in the world of pole vaulting.