Trinity Byars, Top Soccer Prospect for 2021, Excited for her Career at Texas and Beyond

Trinity Byers, an incredibly talented soccer player, is ready to inspire you with her exceptional skills. Joining the Texas Longhorns this spring, Trinity's journey to this point has been nothing short of remarkable. Her commitment to Texas started in eighth grade, fueled by a love for the school that began when she was only eight years old. Trinity's incredible abilities on the field are evident from a young age. Scoring an impressive nine goals in a rec league game, she even had to be moved to goalie because no one could defend against her. Her lightning-fast speed, honed through success in track and field, sets her apart from the competition. However, it's Trinity's ability to connect with her teammates and elevate their game that truly makes her shine. Playing alongside her longtime friend and teammate, Lexi Massimo, adds even more excitement and chemistry to the Texas team. With dreams of going pro and representing the full women's national team, Trinity's future looks incredibly bright. Get ready to be inspired as you watch Trinity Byers dominate the soccer field and pave her way to success.