Tracin and Tylan Wallace - Fort Worth South Hills - Highlights/Interviews

The Wallace twins, Tracin and Thailand, have been making waves in Fort Worth, Texas as standout athletes at South Hills High School. These seniors have been dominating their opponents for four years, impressing coaches since they were in sixth grade. Not only are they exceptional athletes, but they also possess an incredible work ethic. Tracin, a highly skilled dual-threat quarterback, quickly became a sensation with his lightning-fast speed and remarkable 52 touchdowns during his breakout sophomore season. Unfortunately, a torn ACL in a scrimmage shortened his junior year, and a subsequent knee injury kept him sidelined for his senior season. Despite these setbacks, Thailand continued to shine with over 2700 yards of offense and 35 touchdowns. The undeniable bond between the Wallace twins is evident on and off the field. Their seamless communication and instinctive plays make for an impressive display of teamwork. Their connection will only grow stronger as they both commit to playing football at Oklahoma State University. Thailand is expected to play as a receiver, while Tracin's position could only lead to more excitement and success. Learn more about the exceptional athletic journey of the Wallace twins – watch the video now!