The Detmer Family - Legends of the Game

Ty Detmer, the 1990 Heisman Trophy winner and record-breaking quarterback at BYU, started his football journey in San Antonio, Texas. In a state dominated by the running game, Ty's father, Sonny Denver, revolutionized the local football scene by introducing a passing game. Both Ty and his brother, Coy, excelled in high school, each throwing for over 8,000 yards in their father's wide-open offense. Ty's success continued at BYU, where he set an astonishing 40 NCAA records before his junior year. Inspired by NFL legends like Jim McMahon and Steve Young, Ty believed in his potential to play at the highest level. He went on to spend 14 seasons in the NFL, primarily as a backup, and even had the unique opportunity to be teammates with his brother in Philadelphia. Now residing in Austin, Texas, Ty's remarkable journey from a small Texas town to becoming a football legend is truly inspiring. Keywords: Ty Detmer, San Antonio, Texas, football career, passing game, BYU, NCAA records, NFL, backup, Austin, inspiring.