Thanaphat "Putter" Boosarawongse of IMG Academy Wants to Represent Thailand in International Tennis

Meet Putter, the talented tennis player who defied the odds by transitioning from golf to tennis. Originally from Thailand, Putter's story is an inspiring tale of perseverance and determination. At IMG Academy, he found his true calling and devoted himself to becoming a professional tennis player. Putter's path to success wasn't without obstacles, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. However, his unwavering dedication and competitive spirit set him apart from his peers. Recognized as a leader on and off the court, Putter's journey to climb the world junior tennis rankings is filled with triumphs and setbacks. Join us as we witness Putter's inspiring journey towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional tennis player. Capture his passion, drive, and unwavering commitment as he overcomes challenges and works towards achieving greatness. Don't miss out on this compelling story of a rising star who defied expectations and made an indelible mark in the world of tennis. Watch now on Sports Stars of Tomorrow!