Ted Koval - Georgia Force Defensive Lineman - Highlights

Ted Koval, a rising star from Buford, Georgia, is making waves in the high school football scene. As a key player for the Georgia Forest Christian team, Ted's versatility shines through. Standing tall at six feet, weighing 220 pounds, he dominates on both the offensive and defensive lines. But Ted's contributions don't stop there; he also excels as a linebacker and fullback, showcasing his skills on every corner of the field. Last season, Ted played a pivotal role in helping Georgia Forest secure the National Homeschool Football Association national championship. But his success isn't limited to the gridiron; with a remarkable 4.0 GPA, Ted is excelling in the classroom as well. With his sights set on studying international relations in college, Ted has sparked interest from several Division three schools, fueling his aspirations of playing football at the collegiate level. Discover more about this exceptional athlete and scholar in our video featuring Ted's journey to success.