Sunnyslope Quarterback Luke Moga, an Oregon Commit, is Just Scratching the Surface of His Potential

Luke Moga, the rising football prospect from Phoenix, has forged an unconventional path in the sport. Despite starting organized football only in high school, his background in soccer, basketball, and track laid a strong foundation for his athletic abilities. With his father's football experience and his own exposure to the game, Luke's passion for football has soared. Being a versatile athlete who played multiple sports, he possesses exceptional field vision, sharpened during his time as a point guard in basketball. Luke's remarkable speed, a product of his track experience, grants him the ability to elude defenders and make impactful plays with both his arm and legs. Since falling in love with football in his freshman year, Luke has blossomed into an outstanding quarterback. In the previous season alone, he impressed with over 2,200 passing yards and an additional 539 rushing yards. A testament to his athleticism, Luke blazes through the 100-meter dash in an astounding 10.7 seconds. His exceptional talent and versatility have established him as one of the top quarterbacks in the state, proving that he can surpass traditional norms and expectations. Experience the remarkable journey of Luke Moga, a quarterback destined to leave a lasting impact on the world of football.