Sports Stars of Tomorrow 2022 NFL Draft Preview: Underrated Prospects

Meet two exceptional high school football players who are making waves in the sport - Nick Cross and Mario Goodrich. Despite starting their football journeys in high school, both these athletes have developed into NFL prospects. Maryland defensive back Nick Cross's dedication to preparation and his natural athleticism make him a dynamic player on the field. Coaches and teammates recognize his talent and commitment, and he has quickly become a playmaker on the defensive side. With his love for the game and unwavering dedication to improvement, Nick is poised for a successful future in football. Clemson defensive back Mario Goodrich initially dreamed of playing in the NBA, but his football offers exceeded his basketball offers, leading him to focus on the gridiron. Mario's passion for football has grown over time, fueled by the excitement of scoring on defense and celebrating with his team. His commitment has paid off, as he was named a first-team all-ACC selection last season. These two athletes exemplify the power of hard work, determination, and a genuine love for the game. Check out the video to learn more about their inspiring journeys and see their impressive skills in action.