Sports Stars of Tomorrow 2022-23 NBA Preview: Trae Young, Zion Williamson, Julius Randle, RJ Barrett

Trey Young, the exceptionally talented NBA guard, has established himself as one of the brightest stars in the league. Starting his journey at Norman North High School in Oklahoma, Young developed a close bond with former Oklahoma Sooner player Buddy Hield, whose mentorship and work ethic inspired Young to achieve great success. Currently playing a pivotal role for the Atlanta Hawks, Young recently signed a massive contract extension, cementing his status as the franchise's future. Meanwhile, Zion Williamson has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his extraordinary talent. Although his young career has been plagued by injuries, the New Orleans Pelicans have demonstrated their unwavering faith in his potential by awarding him a lucrative contract extension. As a social media sensation, Williamson experienced a significant surge in popularity when renowned rapper Drake donned his jersey. However, Williamson remains laser-focused on his game and helping his team succeed. With an entire season ahead, the Pelicans are determined to make a playoff push, with Williamson leading the way.