Samy Johnson - Little Rock Catholic Running Back - Highlights

Sammy Johnson: Rising Football Star from Little Rock Catholic High School Sammy Johnson, a junior at Little Rock Catholic High School in Arkansas, is making waves as a talented football player. Standing at five-foot-eleven, Sammy possesses remarkable speed and agility, evident in his impressive 4.5-second 40-yard dash time. Over the past two seasons, he has accumulated a staggering 3,200 rushing yards and scored 35 touchdowns. Sammy's prowess extends beyond offense, as he also showcases his skills on defense as a formidable defensive back and returns kickoffs with finesse. As his senior season approaches, Sammy eagerly awaits the opportunity to further his football journey at the college level, determined to pursue his dreams. If you're seeking an inspiring high school sports story, keep an eye on Sammy Johnson's remarkable journey.