Roderick Robinson is a Versatile Running Back from Lincoln High School and a Georgia Commit

Meet Roderick Robinson, a rising football star from San Diego who is making waves in the sport. Standing at an impressive six feet one inch and weighing 230 pounds, Robinson is a force to be reckoned with on the field. What sets him apart is his versatility – he is not just a power-packed running back, but also excels in the passing game. Robinson's talent has already earned him recognition, leading Lincoln High to the CIF Division One Championship game last year. With his exceptional skills and leadership, the Hornets are once again a top contender this season. Surrounding himself with a talented group of teammates and a knowledgeable coaching staff, Robinson is ready to leave his mark on the field. In a surprising move, Robinson has chosen to take his skills to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) despite previously being committed to UCLA. This decision has stirred excitement and anticipation among football enthusiasts as they eagerly await his debut in this highly competitive conference. With his impressive physique and versatile playing style, Robinson is sure to make a significant impact and become a rising star in the SEC.