Recruiting Trail: Nimari Burnett - Prolific Prep Guard - Highlights/Interview

Meet Namara Burnett, a standout high school athlete from Chicago, Illinois, who is making waves in Napa, California. For the past three years, Namara has been honing his basketball skills at Prolific Prep, a renowned traveling basketball team. But for Namara, it's not just about sports; he remains dedicated to his academic pursuits at Napa Christian Academy. Contrary to popular belief, Namara wants to set the record straight that at Prolific Prep, education is a top priority. The teachers are exceptional and understanding, considering the demanding schedule these student-athletes have. Namara is grateful for the opportunity to live in Napa, where the beautiful weather and supportive environment make his experience enjoyable. This season, Namara's talent has been on full display, especially with the addition of five-star prospect Jaylen Green to the team. As a combo guard, Namara takes pride in his defensive skills and understands the impact they can have on the game. Want to see Namara in action? Check out the video and witness his remarkable athleticism and dedication firsthand.