Recruiting Trail: E.J. Smith - Dallas Jesuit Running Back - Interview

EJ Smith, a talented running back from Dallas Jesuit, is making waves in the high school football scene. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall, Smith recently committed to Stanford University, a significant win for the Cardinal during the early signing period. Drawing comparisons to his father, NFL legend Emmitt Smith, EJ is determined to forge his own path in football and create his own legacy. Known for his versatility on the field and natural abilities, Smith is poised to leave a lasting impact at the college level. Beyond football, EJ is also planning for life after the sport with the numerous opportunities that Stanford offers him. With the support of his family and dedication to maximize his abilities, EJ Smith is a rising star and an exciting prospect to watch. Discover the story of EJ Smith, the talented running back from Dallas Jesuit, who is capturing attention in the high school football scene. Standing at 5'11", Smith's recent commitment to Stanford University during the early signing period is undoubtedly a win for the Cardinal. While being compared to his NFL legend father, Emmitt Smith, EJ is focused on carving a path of his own and achieving his football aspirations. With his exceptional versatility on the field, combined with natural abilities and a keen sense of vision, Smith sets himself apart from his peers. Moreover, his commitment to preparing for life after football, with the incredible opportunities Stanford offers, showcases his determination to excel both on and off the field. With unwavering support from his family and determination to maximize his talents, EJ Smith is poised to create a lasting legacy at the college level and beyond.