Reaghan Staehely is a Softball Prospect on the Rise in Texas

Regan Staley, a rising star in the high school sports scene, is making waves as a talented softball player from Pioneer High School in Mission, Texas. As a sophomore, she was honored with the title of district newcomer of the year, and her exceptional performance played a vital role in Pioneer's consecutive district championships. Renowned for her skills in both the outfield and as a pitcher, Regan has caught the attention of college scouts, thanks to her impressive swing. While she also dabbles in volleyball, her primary focus for the upcoming year is to secure a softball scholarship and pursue her dream of playing at the collegiate level. Inspired by her father's profession, Regan aspires to pursue a career in law enforcement after college. Don't miss out on the chance to have your own highlights showcased on the show. Visit, fill out the contact form, and let us know why you deserve to be featured.