R.J. Hampton is a 2020 NBA Draft Prospect & Has Spent His Time Preparing by Playing in New Zealand

R.J. Hampton, the 6-foot-5-inch combo guard from Little Elm, Texas, is no ordinary high school basketball prospect. Instead of going the traditional route of college ball, Hampton made headlines by choosing to play professionally in New Zealand. This strategic move allowed him to focus solely on his game and development, without any eligibility issues or academic concerns. Known for his fast-paced style of play and versatile skills, Hampton has the ability to score, rebound, and lead his team to victory. With his father, a former professional basketball player, as his coach and mentor, Hampton has honed his passing ability and developed a strong offensive scoring game. But it's not just his father who has influenced him – his high school coach, Rusty Segler, has also played a significant role in inspiring Hampton both on and off the court. With an impressive journey that includes international play, personal mentorship, and a relentless drive to improve, R.J. Hampton is a rising star on his way to the NBA. Find out more about his incredible basketball journey and the people who have shaped him in the video above.