Quincy Briggs of Memphis Central is a Versatile Athlete Who is Headed to the Ivy League

Meet Quincy Briggs, a standout senior athlete at Memphis Central High School. Known for his lightning speed on the football field, Briggs is catching the attention of college scouts. However, he doesn't want to be known just for his speed. Briggs is determined to showcase his all-around skills, proving he can run precise routes and outmatch any top defensive player. In his senior season, he achieved over 2,000 all-purpose yards and scored an impressive 20 touchdowns. But Briggs's versatility doesn't stop there. He thrives in defensive positions, particularly as a quarterback of the defense. His love for communication and helping his teammates sets him apart. Despite not receiving high ratings in recruiting databases, Briggs has caught the eye of Division I schools like LSU, Tennessee, and Arkansas. However, he prioritizes finding a school where he can continue to grow both on and off the field. Get to know this remarkable athlete who is leaving a lasting impact on the game and carving his own path to success.