Question of the Day: St. Joe's Prep All-Americans

In this episode, we shine the spotlight on Common Core, a rising star from St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia. Known for his exceptional talent on the football field, Common Core is one of the three all-Americans from his school this season. But did you know that a former St. Joe's Prep all-American has already made it to the NFL? It's none other than Deondre Swift, who now plays as a running back for the Detroit Lions. Deondre Swift, an alumnus of St. Joseph's Prep, impressed with his skills in the 2017 All-American Bowl, proudly representing his alma mater. His inspiring journey from high school to the NFL is a testament to the immense talent and unwavering dedication found in high school sports. As he continues to make a name for himself in the professional league as a running back for the Lions, Swift serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. As Common Core follows in the footsteps of the successful Swift, he strives to make his mark on the football field and secure a bright future for himself. Stay tuned as we explore the incredible talent and potential of this young athlete, and witness his journey towards success unfold.