Question of the Day: Punt Returns for Touchdowns in the NFL

In this exciting segment of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow," we explore the remarkable journey of high school athlete Eric Metcalf, who has become a standout in the world of football. With an impressive 10 punt return touchdowns under his belt, Metcalf has earned the coveted second spot in NFL history. However, the burning question remains: who claims the top spot? Could it be former Heisman winner Desmond Howard, Chicago Bears legend Devin Hester, or Hall of Famer Dion Sanders? Prepare to be surprised, as the answer takes us to none other than Devin Hester, whose dazzling career saw him achieve a mind-boggling 14 punt return touchdowns. What's truly extraordinary is that all but one of these incredible touchdowns were accomplished during Hester's stint with the Chicago Bears. Hester's electrifying displays on the field have unquestionably solidified his status as one of the greatest punt returners the sport has ever seen. Join us in paying tribute to the outstanding accomplishments of Eric Metcalf and the awe-inspiring records set by the sensational Devin Hester.