Quarterback Brock Glenn of Lausanne Collegiate is the Next Top Quarterback for Ohio State

Meet Brock Glenn, a standout high school quarterback from Memphis, Tennessee, and a committed recruit for the prestigious Ohio State Buckeyes football program. Glenn's recruitment journey was defined by his quest for the perfect fit, seeking trustworthy coaches and an offense that aligns with his playing style. Ultimately, he chose Ohio State, embracing the high expectations that come with being part of a top college football program. Glenn's dedication to his craft is evident in his commitment to off-field work, including film study and playbook analysis. He firmly believes that these extra hours of preparation will set him apart and equip him to face any challenge that comes his way. With a remarkable ability to dissect defenses and deliver pinpoint accurate passes, Glenn's expertise in reading the field and studying film allows him to make informed decisions and execute plays effectively. Join us as we explore the incredible talent and potential of this exceptional young quarterback in this captivating video.