ProActiv Question of the Day: DeMatha Basketball in the NBA

Experience the incredible athletic excellence of DeMatha High School's basketball program and the inspiring journey of Victor Oladipo, a standout athlete who became an NBA All-Star. With a rich history of success, particularly in basketball, DeMatha High School has shaped the careers of numerous talented athletes. Victor Oladipo's remarkable story showcases the immense potential and impact of DeMatha's program on aspiring young athletes. During his senior year at DeMatha, Oladipo led the basketball team to an impressive record of 32 wins and 4 losses, securing a conference championship. His exceptional skills and leadership on the court caught the attention of the Indiana Hoosiers, where he continued to excel in college. After an impressive college career, Oladipo made his mark in the NBA, becoming a renowned player and earning the honor of being chosen as an NBA All-Star. This captivating video explores the incredible journey of Victor Oladipo and highlights the legacy of DeMatha High School's basketball program. Witness the determination, skill, and triumph that have propelled young athletes to success, inspiring them to dream big and reach their full potential.