Playing Favorites: Who's Your Favorite Follow on Social Media? Sports Stars of Tomorrow

Discover the favorite social media follows of the nation's top high school prospects in a new video segment. These rising stars are drawn to a diverse range of personalities, including the hilarious Kevin Hart, who amasses a whopping 40 million followers on Instagram. Hart's comedic genius and relatable content strike a chord with these young athletes. However, it's not just comedy that grabs their attention. Some prospects find inspiration in following athletes like Vaughn Miller, Tyrone Matthew, and Caesar Ruiz, who offer an inside glimpse into the life of a professional athlete. These posts fuel the dreams and aspirations of these high school stars, keeping them motivated on and off the field. Entertainment and inspiration collide as these athletes connect with their favorite social media personalities. Be sure to watch the video to find out who captivates the attention of these up-and-coming sports stars and get a unique peek into the lives of their idols.