Playing Favorites: What's your favorite subject in school? Sports Stars of Tomorrow

In this week's episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow," we showcase some of the nation's top high school athletes who excel in sports and academics. These remarkable student-athletes are not only outstanding in their respective sports but also dedicated to their studies. Their favorite subjects range from math and science to history and English. One featured athlete is John Smith, a football player from Lincoln High School. John's passion for history is evident, reflecting in his excellent academic record and athletic abilities. Colleges like Ohio State University and the University of Alabama have taken notice of his impressive achievements, both on and off the field. Another athlete to keep an eye on is Sarah Johnson, a basketball player from Westwood High School. Sarah's favorite subject is math, showcasing her analytical strengths. Both Sarah and John's stories inspire and demonstrate the potential for success as student-athletes. Tune in to this episode for a closer look at their journeys and see how their dedication and talent have led to promising opportunities.