Playing Favorites - What's your favorite pregame meal? Sports Stars of Tomorrow

In this episode of "Playing Favorites," we explore the pregame rituals and favorite meals of some of the most promising high school athletes in the country. These young stars not only showcase their dedication on the field but also in their carefully selected pregame fuel. Football player Alex Johnson, known for his outstanding skills, swears by a plate of alfredo pasta as his go-to meal before a big game. This creamy, carb-loaded dish provides him with the energy he needs to dominate on the field. On the other hand, basketball phenom Emily Sanders chooses a classic comfort food: macaroni and cheese. Emily finds that this cheesy delight keeps her focused and fueled throughout the game. While most athletes stick to traditional pregame fare, rising basketball star John Thompson opts for a tried-and-true combination: peanut butter and jelly. This simple yet satisfying meal keeps him energized and ready to give his all. However, football sensation Mark Davis takes a more unconventional approach, preferring a pregame meal of ribs. Mark's unique choice of protein before a game shows his willingness to think outside the box and find what works best for him. Join "Playing Favorites" as we delve into the pregame rituals and favorite meals of these talented high school athletes. Discover the importance of proper nutrition in their performance and how they use their favorite dishes to fuel their success on the field and court.