Playing Favorites: Dream Jobs

Discover the inspiring stories of a group of talented young athletes aiming for greatness in their sports on the latest episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow." While their ultimate goal is to become professional athletes, they also have diverse career aspirations. One athlete dreams of working with renowned athletic brands like Adidas or Nike, while another sets their sights on owning an NFL team. Additionally, there's a student who envisions a tranquil life, owning a small store in Alabama. On the flip side, some athletes have aspirations in law enforcement, hoping to become CIA or FBI agents. Others are drawn to the world of fashion and design, considering careers in clothing design or even becoming famous YouTubers. Lastly, aspiring sports broadcasters aim to grace the screens of shows like SportsCenter. Join us to witness the incredible range of dreams these young athletes have beyond their sports. Find more uplifting stories like this on our webpage hosting the video!