Player Tips: Shooting Drill with Jared Turner

Introducing Jared Turner, a talented small forward from Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC. In this video, Jared showcases a shooting drill that has shaped his impressive shooting form and consistent rhythm on the court. Starting near the basket, he emphasizes the significance of one-arm form shooting. Demonstrating his expertise, Jared gradually steps back, challenging himself to make three-pointers. By completing three consecutive shots from beyond the arc, the drill comes to an end. Jared's unwavering commitment to enhancing his shooting skills shines through in this drill, highlighting his love for the game. He shares an invaluable tip, underscoring the essence of finding a rhythm. This drill not only refines shooting technique but also instills confidence and reliability in players. With his exceptional talent and work ethic, Jared has captured the attention of college scouts and aims to play basketball at the collegiate level as he continues to excel at Gonzaga College High School. Stay tuned!