Player Tips: Shemar Stewart on Bag Drills

Introducing Smart Stewart, a talented defensive lineman from Monster Your Pace High School in Oklahoma. In this video, Stewart shares his expertise on bag drills, a vital component of his training regimen. Known for his impressive footwork and exceptional hand-eye coordination, Stewart explains the drill's benefits and how it enhances his on-field performance. During bag drills, players line up and navigate their way over the bags, stepping left, right, and back through the middle. This drill's emphasis on fluid movement helps Stewart become even more agile and dynamic on the field. His mastery of these drills has undoubtedly contributed to his success as a standout player. Stewart's dedication to his craft is evident in his commitment to refining his skills through bag drills. As a key player on his high school team, he has showcased his talent and potential, catching the attention of college recruiters. With dreams of playing at the collegiate level, Stewart's hard work and determination are paving the way for a promising future. Don't miss out on