Player Tips: Kansas State Commit Dai Dai Ames on Shooting Form

Mastering the Mechanics: Datin Ames' Journey to Success in Basketball Join us in this episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow" as we meet Datin Ames, a talented basketball player from Foreign Academy, based in Chicago, Illinois. Datin shares valuable insights on shooting basketball, highlighting the significance of proper form and technique. Learn how keeping your elbow tucked, raising the ball above eye level, and spreading your fingers contribute to a consistent jump shot. Datin's passion for the game and relentless pursuit of perfection have propelled him to great achievements. Not only has he become a standout player at Foreign Academy, but he has also captured the attention of college recruiters. Witness Datin's inspiring journey as he dreams of playing at the collegiate level and leaving a lasting legacy in the sport he loves. Don't miss the story of a basketball prodigy on his path to success!