Player Tips: Ball-handling Warmup with Ohio State Commit Bruce Thornton

Introducing Bruce Stoney, a rising star at Middleton High School in Milton, Georgia. Bruce is a phenomenal point guard with exceptional ball handling skills. In this video, Bruce demonstrates a ball handling drill that he incorporates into his workout routine. The drill involves various movements, such as throwing the ball back and forth in front of him, circling it around his head, waist, and even below his knees. By engaging his fingertips and warming up his hand-eye coordination, Bruce prepares himself for intense training sessions. Bruce's dedication to this drill not only wakes him up before his workout but also boosts his confidence. It allows him to break through barriers and perform at his best during training sessions. This is just a glimpse into Bruce's training regimen, showcasing the discipline and commitment he brings to the court. With his remarkable skills and work ethic, Bruce has caught the attention of college recruiters nationwide. He dreams of playing basketball at the collegiate level, and his hard work is paving the way for a future filled