Ohio State Football Preview - JT Barrett, Nick Bosa

Discover the rise of JD Barrett, the unexpected Heisman contender and clear starting quarterback for Ohio State this season. Despite starting as a backup and battling through a broken ankle, Barrett's exceptional athleticism and polished passing skills have made him a force to be reckoned with. His journey from highly recruited prospect at Ryder High School in Texas to leading the Ohio State offense is truly remarkable. With his electrifying ability to run and impressive completion rate of 64%, Barrett promises to be one of college football's most thrilling players this season. On the defensive side, Ohio State bids farewell to Joey Bosa, the third overall draft pick of the San Diego Chargers. But fear not, as a worthy successor may have emerged in Bosa's own family. Meet Nick Bosa, the younger sibling of former Ohio State star Joey Bosa. Hailing from St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida, Nick follows in his brother's footsteps, displaying immense talent and potential. Despite a knee injury shortening his senior season, Nick is now an integral part of Ohio State's defense, poised to make his mark on the field. Stay tuned for the exciting journey of these two rising stars in Ohio State's football program.