Miles Byrd from Lincoln High in Stockton, CA, is an Athletic Guard with a High Ceiling

Introducing Miles Bird, a rising basketball star from Lincoln High in Stockton, California. Standing tall at six foot seven inches, Miles is a dynamic wing player known for his impressive stats, averaging 17 points, four assists, and six rebounds per game in his senior season. With his left-handed shooting and exceptional court vision, Miles is not only a team player, but also a force to be reckoned with. Despite varying opinions on his potential at the next level, Miles remains determined to prove himself. While 24/7 Sports ranks him in their national top 100, other recruiting sites have yet to recognize his talent. However, this hasn't deterred Miles from his goal of playing college basketball. To prepare for the physicality of the game at a higher level, Miles is focused on adding muscle mass and strength through intensive weight training. Family plays a significant role in Miles' journey, and he places great importance on their support. While open to any college opportunity, he prefers to