Michael Van Buren Leads the Winning Culture for St. Frances Academy in Baltimore

St. Francis Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, is making waves in the world of high school football. Despite its small size, the school has risen to become one of the top 10 teams in the nation, consistently vying for national championships. Leading the charge is quarterback Michael Van Beren, whose decision to enroll at St. Francis three years ago has proven to be a game-changer for the program. Michael's exceptional athleticism, high football IQ, and ability to make clutch plays have set him apart on the field. Under his leadership, the Panthers have achieved an impressive 9-1 record against tough opponents. However, what truly makes St. Francis Academy unique is its tight-knit community of student-athletes. With only 220 students, most of whom are involved in sports, the school fosters a family culture that drives everyone to be their best. Michael's leadership qualities shine through as he not only excels on the field but also holds his teammates accountable and fosters a sense of unity within the team. With his guidance, St. Francis Academy continues to make strides and leave a lasting impact in the world of high school football.