Michael Strahan - NFL Legend

Former New York Giants player, Michael Strahan, is celebrated as one of the NFL's greatest thanks to his record-breaking sack stats and impressive career. Strahan attributes his success to something unexpected: confidence. He believes that self-belief and perseverance are essential, no matter how one may fit the traditional football player mold. Drafted from Texas Southern University, Strahan had to adapt to the intense media attention in New York. Throughout his 15-year career with the Giants, he accumulated two Super Bowl rings, seven Pro Bowl appearances, and an astonishing 141.5 sacks. Today, Strahan is not only a successful NFL analyst but also the co-host of "Live with Kelly and Michael." He hopes to inspire the next generation to explore diverse opportunities beyond the football field. As Strahan looks ahead to his legacy, he recognizes that it may be more closely tied to his post-football career.