Marlon Gunn, Jr, is an Underrated Running Back from Louisiana and an East Carolina Commit

Meet Marlon Gunn Jr, the hidden gem of Louisiana high school football. Standing at 5'11" and weighing 200 pounds, Marlon is a force to be reckoned with on the field. With his physicality and power, he fearlessly takes on opponents, delivering punishing blows as he carries the ball. But Marlon's talent doesn't stop at football; he is also a versatile track athlete. What sets Marlon apart is his dedication to building his body the right way. He understands the importance of stretching and knows the appropriate weight to lift at any given time, ensuring peak performance while minimizing the risk of injury. As a sophomore, Marlon rushed for over a thousand yards and scored an impressive 13 touchdowns. Despite a shortened junior season, he has continued to leave his mark. Don't miss the chance to witness this rising star in action.