Mao Howell, Jr, is a 2023 Running Back to Keep an Eye On in Philadelphia

Mayo Howell Jr, an upcoming talent from Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, may not have the size advantage, but he more than compensates for it with his incredible speed and toughness. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 150 pounds, Mayo has proven himself as an exceptional athlete, earning the title of All-Catholic League wide receiver in 2020. However, in his junior season, Mayo has transitioned to playing more as a running back, showcasing his remarkable quickness and resilience. Watching Mayo's highlight tape reveals his impressive ability to evade defenders effortlessly, thanks to his low center of gravity which makes him a challenging opponent to bring down. With aspirations of taking his skills to the college level, Mayo is determined to secure a scholarship. His versatility as both a running back and a slot receiver makes him an exciting prospect for any team. If you're eager to discover more about this rising star, be sure to visit our website, sportsstarsoftom, where you can watch Mayo's video and learn more about his journey to success. Don't miss the opportunity to witness Mayo Howell Jr's captivating talent and potential!